Fan Info

Here's the short version...

Public posts - Grouped by shoots, usually one pic per outfit from that day's shoot.

Fan area - FREE! Register with email address, just to make is a LITTLE more exclusive... Posts are based on individual outfits. So 4 or 5 pics of a single outfit, instead of just one.

Register... or login ... Oh, and if you register, it says something about emailing you. but it doesn't... Not sure why... So make sure you write down your password somewhere. 😛

Slightly longer version...

So here's my thought process.... The main (public) area of my site is for more "polished" looking stuff - things that you would traditionally see in a photographer's online portfolio.

But there are plenty more pics that I like... Actually, after 15 years, an overwhelming amount of pictures... which is one reason I don't want to just put EVERYTHING on here in one spot. This "fan area" is for people who want to see a bit more of my work, in general, but who understand that it's going to be a little less polished overall.

So, if that's you, register with a user name and email address, and take a look around (no charge). I may email you at some point if I ever decide to do some sort of offer or something, but that may never happen... lol... and I'm not going spam you all the time or share you email address or anything like that.

There is not a lot in here right now, YET.... My old website host totally screwed up my website, so I moved it and started over.... So this is severely under construction, and I'm adding things every few days and changing things over time. BUT, you can write to me and TELL ME who you want to see FIRST! Seriously, just write to me wherever, and say, "Hey, can you post more pics of Savannah in that pink bikini top?" It would seriously make my day. Contact me here....

So go check it out... go .... now.... Register... or login if you have already registered.